class unreal.LocationServices(outer=None, name='None')?

Bases: unreal.BlueprintFunctionLibrary

Location Services

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: LocationServicesBPLibrary
  • Module: LocationServicesBPLibrary
  • File: LocationServicesBPLibrary.h
classmethod are_location_services_enabled() → bool?

Checks if the Location Services on the mobile device are enabled for this application

Returns:true if the mobile device has enabled the appropriate service for the app
Return type:bool
classmethod get_last_known_location() → LocationServicesData?

Returns the last location information returned by the location service. If no location update has been made, will return a default-value-filled struct.

Returns:the last known location from updates
Return type:LocationServicesData
classmethod get_location_services_impl() → LocationServicesImpl?
  • Returns the Location Services implementation object. Intended to be used to set up the FLocationServicesData_OnLocationChanged
  • delegate in Blueprints.
Returns:the Android or IOS impl object
Return type:LocationServicesImpl
classmethod init_location_services(accuracy, update_frequency, min_distance_filter) → bool?

Called to set up the Location Service before use

  • accuracy (LocationAccuracy) – as seen in the enum above
  • update_frequency (float) – in milliseconds. (Android only)
  • min_distance_filter (float) –

true if Initialization was succesful

Return type:


classmethod is_location_accuracy_available(accuracy) → bool?

Checks if the supplied Accuracy is available on the current device.

Parameters:accuracy (LocationAccuracy) – the accuracy to check
Returns:true if the mobile device can support the Accuracy, false if it will use a different accuracy
Return type:bool
classmethod start_location_services() → bool?

Starts requesting location updates from the appropriate Location Service

Returns:true if startup successful
Return type:bool
classmethod stop_location_services() → bool?

Stops the updates of location from the Location Service that was started with StartLocationService

Returns:true if stop is successful
Return type:bool