class unreal.HoloLensARFunctionLibrary(outer=None, name='None')?

Bases: unreal.BlueprintFunctionLibrary

A function library that provides static/Blueprint functions for HoloLensAR.

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: HoloLensAR
  • Module: HoloLensAR
  • File: HoloLensARFunctionLibrary.h
classmethod create_named_ar_pin(name, pin_to_world_transform) → WMRARPin?

Create an UARPin with the specified name, which will also be the name used to store it in the Windows Mixed Reality Anchor Store.

  • name (Name) – The name of the anchor. If the Name is already in use creation will fail. A leading “_” is reserved for automatically named anchors. Do not start your names with an underscore. The name ‘None’ is illegal.
  • pin_to_world_transform (Transform) – The Pin which the component will be updated by.

Return type:


classmethod get_pv_camera_intrinsics() → (focal_length=Vector2D, width=int32, height=int32, principal_point=Vector2D, radial_distortion=Vector, tangential_distortion=Vector2D) or None?

Get the PV Camera intrinsics.

Returns:focal_length (Vector2D):

width (int32):

height (int32):

principal_point (Vector2D):

radial_distortion (Vector):

tangential_distortion (Vector2D):

Return type:tuple or None
classmethod get_pv_camera_to_world_transform() → Transform?

Get the transform from PV camera space to Unreal world space.

Return type:Transform
classmethod get_world_space_ray_from_camera_point(pixel_coordinate) → Vector?

Get a ray into the scene from a camera point. X is left/right Y is up/down

Parameters:pixel_coordinate (Vector2D) –
Return type:Vector
classmethod is_wmr_anchor_store_ready() → bool?

Is the WMRAnchorStore ready to handle calls.

Returns:True if anchor store is ready.
Return type:bool
classmethod load_wmr_anchor_store_ar_pins() -> Array(WMRARPin)?

Load all ARPins from the Windows Mixed Reality Anchor Store. Note: Pins of the same name as anchor store pins will be overwritten by the anchor store pin.

Returns:Array of Pins that were loaded.
Return type:Array(WMRARPin)
classmethod pin_component_to_ar_pin(component_to_pin, pin) → bool?

Associate a component with an ARPin, so that its transform will be updated by the pin. Any previously associated component will be detached.

  • component_to_pin (SceneComponent) – The Component which will be updated by the Pin.
  • pin (WMRARPin) – The Pin which the component will be updated by.

True if Pin successfully created.

Return type:


classmethod remove_all_ar_pins_from_wmr_anchor_store() → None?

Remove all ARPins from the the Windows Mixed Reality Anchor Store.

classmethod remove_ar_pin_from_wmr_anchor_store(pin) → None?

Remove an ARPin from the the Windows Mixed Reality Anchor Store.

Parameters:pin (ARPin) –
classmethod resize_mixed_reality_camera(size) → IntPoint?

Change screen size of Mixed Reality Capture camera.

Parameters:size (IntPoint) –
Return type:IntPoint
classmethod save_ar_pin_to_wmr_anchor_store(pin) → bool?

Save an ARPin to the the Windows Mixed Reality Anchor Store.

Parameters:pin (ARPin) –
Returns:True if saved successfully.
Return type:bool
classmethod set_enabled_mixed_reality_camera(is_enabled) → None?

Enable or disable Mixed Reality Capture camera.

Parameters:is_enabled (bool) –
classmethod start_camera_capture() → None?

Turn the camera on.

classmethod stop_camera_capture() → None?

Turn the camera off.