class unreal.GoogleARCoreCameraIntrinsics(outer=None, name='None')?

Bases: unreal.Object

An object wrapping the ArCameraIntrinsics data from the ARCore SDK.

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: GoogleARCore
  • Module: GoogleARCoreBase
  • File: GoogleARCoreCameraIntrinsics.h
get_focal_length() -> (out_fx=float, out_fy=float)?

Get the focal length in pixels.

Returns:out_fx (float): The focal length on the X axis.

out_fy (float): The focal length on the Y axis.

Return type:tuple
get_image_dimensions() -> (out_width=int32, out_height=int32)?

Get the image’s width and height in pixels.

Returns:out_width (int32): The width.

out_height (int32): The height.

Return type:tuple
get_principal_point() -> (out_cx=float, out_cy=float)?

Get the principal point in pixels.

Returns:out_cx (float): The principle point on the X axis.

out_cy (float): The principle point the Y axis.

Return type:tuple