class unreal.GameplayEffectExecutionCalculation(outer=None, name='None')?

Bases: unreal.GameplayEffectCalculation

Gameplay Effect Execution Calculation

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: GameplayAbilities
  • Module: GameplayAbilities
  • File: GameplayEffectExecutionCalculation.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • invalid_scoped_modifier_attributes (Array(GameplayEffectAttributeCaptureDefinition)): [Read-Write] Any attribute in this list will not show up as a valid option for scoped modifiers; Used to allow attribute capture for internal calculation while preventing modification
  • relevant_attributes_to_capture (Array(GameplayEffectAttributeCaptureDefinition)): [Read-Write] Attributes to capture that are relevant to the calculation
  • requires_passed_in_tags (bool): [Read-Write] Used to indicate if this execution uses Passed In Tags
  • valid_transient_aggregator_identifiers (GameplayTagContainer): [Read-Write] Any tag in this container will show up as a valid “temporary variable” for scoped modifiers; Used to allow for data-driven variable support that doesn’t rely on scoped modifiers
execute(execution_params) → GameplayEffectCustomExecutionOutput?

Called whenever the owning gameplay effect is executed. Allowed to do essentially whatever is desired, including generating new modifiers to instantly execute as well. Native subclasses should override the auto-generated Execute_Implementation function and NOT this one.:

Parameters:execution_params (GameplayEffectCustomExecutionParameters) – Parameters for the custom execution calculation
Returns:out_execution_output (GameplayEffectCustomExecutionOutput): [OUT] Output data populated by the execution detailing further behavior or results of the execution
Return type:GameplayEffectCustomExecutionOutput

(bool) – [Read-Only] Used to indicate if this execution uses Passed In Tags