class unreal.EditorUtilityLibrary(outer=None, name='None')?

Bases: unreal.BlueprintFunctionLibrary

Expose editor utility functions to Blutilities

C++ Source:

  • Module: Blutility
  • File: EditorUtilityLibrary.h
get_actor_reference(path_to_actor) → Actor?

Attempts to find the actor specified by PathToActor in the current editor world

Parameters:path_to_actor (str) – The path to the actor (e.g. PersistentLevel.PlayerStart)
Returns:A reference to the actor, or none if it wasn’t found
Return type:Actor
classmethod get_selected_asset_data() -> Array(AssetData)?

Gets the set of currently selected asset data

Return type:Array(AssetData)
classmethod get_selected_assets() -> Array(Object)?

Gets the set of currently selected assets

Return type:Array(Object)
classmethod get_selected_blueprint_classes() -> Array(type(Class))?

Gets the set of currently selected classes

Return type:Array(type(Class))
classmethod get_selection_bounds() -> (origin=Vector, box_extent=Vector, sphere_radius=float)?

Get Selection Bounds

Returns:origin (Vector):

box_extent (Vector):

sphere_radius (float):

Return type:tuple
classmethod get_selection_set() -> Array(Actor)?

Get Selection Set

Return type:Array(Actor)
classmethod rename_asset(asset, new_name) → None?

Renames an asset (cannot move folders)