class unreal.EditorSkeletalMeshLibrary(outer=None, name='None')?

Bases: unreal.BlueprintFunctionLibrary

Utility class to altering and analyzing a SkeletalMesh and use the common functionalities of the SkeletalMesh Editor. The editor should not be in play in editor mode.

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: EditorScriptingUtilities
  • Module: EditorScriptingUtilities
  • File: EditorSkeletalMeshLibrary.h
classmethod get_num_verts(skeletal_mesh, lod_index) → int32?

Get number of mesh vertices for an LOD of a Skeletal Mesh

  • skeletal_mesh (SkeletalMesh) – Mesh to get number of vertices from.
  • lod_index (int32) – Index of the mesh LOD.

Number of vertices. Returns 0 if invalid mesh or LOD index.

Return type:


classmethod regenerate_lod(skeletal_mesh, new_lod_count=0, regenerate_even_if_imported=False, generate_base_lod=False) → bool?

Regenerate LODs of the mesh

  • skeletal_mesh (SkeletalMesh) – The mesh that will regenerate LOD
  • new_lod_count (int32) – Set valid value (>0) if you want to change LOD count. Otherwise, it will use the current LOD and regenerate
  • regenerate_even_if_imported (bool) – If this is true, it only regenerate even if this LOD was imported before If false, it will regenerate for only previously auto generated ones
  • generate_base_lod (bool) – If this is true and there is some reduction data, the base LOD will be reduce according to the settings

true if succeed. If mesh reduction is not available this will return false.

Return type:


classmethod rename_socket(skeletal_mesh, old_name, new_name) → bool?

Rename a socket within a skeleton

  • skeletal_mesh (SkeletalMesh) – The mesh inside which we are renaming a socket
  • old_name (Name) – The old name of the socket
  • new_name (Name) – The new name of the socket

true if the renaming succeeded.

Return type: