class unreal.DatasmithVariantSetElement(outer=None, name='None')?

Bases: unreal.DatasmithObjectElement

  • UDatasmithVariantSetElement

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: DatasmithImporter
  • Module: DatasmithImporter
  • File: DatasmithUObjectElements.h
add_variant(variant) → None?

Adds an existing variant to this variant set

Parameters:variant (DatasmithVariantElement) –
create_variant(element_name) → DatasmithVariantElement?

Create a new variant and add it to the parent variant set

Parameters:element_name (Name) –
Return type:DatasmithVariantElement
get_variant(index) → DatasmithVariantElement?

Gets a variant from this variant set

Parameters:index (int32) –
Return type:DatasmithVariantElement
get_variants_count() → int32?

Gets how many variants are in this variant set

Return type:int32
remove_variant(variant) → None?

Removes a variant from this variant set

Parameters:variant (DatasmithVariantElement) –