class unreal.AnimSingleNodeInstance(outer=None, name='None')?

Bases: unreal.AnimInstance

Anim Single Node Instance

C++ Source:

  • Module: Engine
  • File: AnimSingleNodeInstance.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • on_all_montage_instances_ended (OnAllMontageInstancesEndedMCDelegate): [Read-Write] Called when all Montage instances have ended.
  • on_montage_blending_out (OnMontageBlendingOutStartedMCDelegate): [Read-Write] Called when a montage starts blending out, whether interrupted or finished
  • on_montage_ended (OnMontageEndedMCDelegate): [Read-Write] Called when a montage has ended, whether interrupted or finished
  • on_montage_started (OnMontageStartedMCDelegate): [Read-Write] Called when a montage has started
  • propagate_notifies_to_linked_instances (bool): [Read-Write] Whether to propagate notifies to any linked anim instances
  • receive_notifies_from_linked_instances (bool): [Read-Write] Whether to process notifies from any linked anim instances
  • root_motion_mode (RootMotionMode): [Read-Write] Sets where this blueprint pulls Root Motion from
get_animation_asset() → AnimationAsset?

Get the currently used asset

Return type:AnimationAsset
get_length() → float?

Get Length

Return type:float
play_anim(is_looping=False, play_rate=1.000000, start_position=0.000000) → None?

For AnimSequence specific *

  • is_looping (bool) –
  • play_rate (float) –
  • start_position (float) –
set_animation_asset(new_asset, is_looping=True, play_rate=1.000000) → None?

Set New Asset - calls InitializeAnimation, for now we need MeshComponent *

set_blend_space_input(blend_input) → None?

Set Blend Space Input

Parameters:blend_input (Vector) –
set_looping(is_looping) → None?

Set Looping

Parameters:is_looping (bool) –
set_play_rate(play_rate) → None?

Set Play Rate

Parameters:play_rate (float) –
set_playing(is_playing) → None?

Set Playing

Parameters:is_playing (bool) –
set_position(position, fire_notifies=True) → None?

Set Position

  • position (float) –
  • fire_notifies (bool) –
set_position_with_previous_time(position, previous_time, fire_notifies=True) → None?

Set Position with Previous Time

  • position (float) –
  • previous_time (float) –
  • fire_notifies (bool) –
set_preview_curve_override(pose_name, value, remove_if_zero) → None?

Set pose value

  • pose_name (Name) –
  • value (float) –
  • remove_if_zero (bool) –
set_reverse(reverse) → None?

Set Reverse

Parameters:reverse (bool) –
stop_anim() → None?

Stop Anim