class unreal.ARTraceResultLibrary(outer=None, name='None')?

Bases: unreal.BlueprintFunctionLibrary

ARTrace Result Library

C++ Source:

  • Module: AugmentedReality
  • File: ARBlueprintLibrary.h
classmethod get_distance_from_camera(trace_result) → float?
Parameters:trace_result (ARTraceResult) –
Returns:the distance from the camera to the traced location in Unreal Units.
Return type:float
classmethod get_local_to_tracking_transform(trace_result) → Transform?
Parameters:trace_result (ARTraceResult) –
Returns:The transform of the trace result in tracking space (after it is modified by the c AlignmentTransform). see SetAlignmentTransform()
Return type:Transform
classmethod get_local_to_world_transform(trace_result) → Transform?
Parameters:trace_result (ARTraceResult) –
Returns:Get the transform of the trace result in Unreal World Space.
Return type:Transform
classmethod get_trace_channel(trace_result) → ARLineTraceChannels?
Parameters:trace_result (ARTraceResult) –
Returns:Get the type of the tracked object (if any) that effected this trace result.
Return type:ARLineTraceChannels
classmethod get_tracked_geometry(trace_result) → ARTrackedGeometry?
Parameters:trace_result (ARTraceResult) –
Returns:Get the real-world object (as observed by the Augmented Reality system) that was intersected by the line trace.
Return type:ARTrackedGeometry