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          BuildGraph Usage

          This page provides sample BuildGraph Script usage.


          BuildGraph is implemented as part of AutomationTool, which you can run directly from the Unreal Engine 4 solution on Windows, or via the Engine/Build/BatchFiles/RunUAT.bat batch file from the command line. On Mac or Linux, it can be run with the Engine/Build/BatchFiles/RunUAT.sh shell script. If you'd like to get an idea of how to use BuildGraph from the command line, we've written sample usage commands for your reference.

          Showing Options & Nodes

          To show all of the nodes and options available in a BuildGraph script:

          BuildGraph -Script=Engine/Build/Graph/Examples/AllExamples -ListOnly

          Setting an Option

          To set an option defined in the script:

          BuildGraph -Script=Engine/Build/Graph/Examples/Properties.xml -ListOnly -Set:CommandLineProperty=ABCDEF

          Seeing Node Execution

          To see what nodes will be executed for a target:

          BuildGraph -Script=Engine\Build\Graph\Examples\AllExamples.xml -Target="All Examples" -ListOnly

          Cleaning Previous Builds

          To clean any previous builds and execute a specific target:

          BuildGraph -Script=Engine\Build\Graph\Examples\AllExamples.xml -Target="Property Examples" -Clean

          Writing out an XML Schema

          To write out an XML schema containing all registered tasks:

          BuildGraph -Schema=Engine\Build\Graph\Schema.xsd

          Generating a Preprocessed Script

          To output a preprocessed version of your script (useful for debugging):

          BuildGraph -Script=Engine\Build\Graph\Examples\AllExamples.xml -Target="All Examples" -ListOnly -Preprocess=D:\Preprocessed.xml

          Exporting a Preprocessed Graph to JSON

          To export a preprocessed graph to JSON (for dynamic configuration on build systems):

          BuildGraph -Script=Engine\Build\Graph\Examples\AllExamples.xml -Target="All Examples" -Export=D:\ExportedGraph.json

          Executing a Single Node

          To execute a single node on a build system (while transferring intermediates to and from shared storage):

          BuildGraph -Script=Engine\Build\Graph\Examples\AllExamples.xml -Target="All Examples" -Clean -SingleNode="Manipulate Some Files" -SharedStorage=P:\Network-Share\Unique-Job-12345
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