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          Basic How To's

          Several short How To guides provide step-by-step instructions to working with Unreal Engine 4.


          If you are new to the Unreal Engine 4 Editor, this page aims to get you quickly up and running so that you can perform the most commonly used actions. In each of the How To guides, you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to perform the action described (or topic being covered). At the end of each How To guide, additional links to relevant and more detailed documentation is provided.

          Refer to the table below for more information and click each link to view its contents.

          How To


          Create/Open Projects

          This page describes how to create a new project in Unreal Engine.

          Placing Actors

          Shows how you can place Actors such as props, lights, cameras, etc. in your levels.

          Manipulating Actors

          Examples of how to move, rotate, or scale Actors in your levels.

          Adjust Actor Properties

          Modifying properties of an Actor such as applying Materials, Physics, Scale through the Details panel.

          Playing and Simulating

          Playtesting and Simulating your game with the Play and Simulate options.

          Find Help and Answers

          Where to find in-editor help and tutorials or external help and answers to your Unreal Engine 4 questions.

          Select Skin

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