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          Managing Content

          Information on creating art content in external applications, importing it into Unreal Engine, and setting it up for use in the engine.


          Not all of the content you need for your game is intended to be created within the Editor. Most of your artistic assets will be created externally, using such tools as 3ds Max, Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush, and others. Below is a very general breakdown of the types of assets that will be created in the Editor versus those that will be created externally.

          Asset Creation Locations

          Created in Unreal Editor

          Created Using External Application

          • Game Levels

          • Materials

          • Particle Systems

          • Cinematic Sequences

          • Blueprint Scripts

          • AI Navigation Meshes

          • Precalculated Light Maps

          • Level Lights

          • Static Meshes

          • Skeletal Meshes

          • Skeletal Animation

          • Textures

          • Sounds (WAVs)

          • IES Light Profiles

          • NVIDIA APEX files (APB and APX)

          Starting Out

          Content Guides

          Select Skin

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