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          Real-Time Compositing with Composure

          In Composure, a graphics utility plugin available with Unreal Engine, we've added a new set of tools to make compositing a lot easier.

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          In Composure,?a graphics utility plugin available with Unreal Engine,?we've added a new set of tools to make compositing a lot easier.

          Compositing is the act of combining visual elements from different sources into a single image. In the visual effects industry, compositing a single frame is usually an offline process and can take some time.?With compositing built into the engine, users can easily visualize green-screened scenes combined with CG?in real-time. This is especially helpful for previsualization, which enables?directors to get a sense of what the final scene will look like, or for offline compositors to use as a guide.?Compositing will run both in-editor and in-game.

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